About Me

I am a largely self-taught Front End Developer, working with the JavaScript/React ecosystem. Technologies that I'm proficient in include:

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Why would you want to work with me or hire me?

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Continuous Learning

My background as a musician taught me how deep mastery of technique improves one's ability to effectively express themselves with that art. I see the craft of programming no differently. I am committed to constantly learning new techniques and strengthening existing knowledge. I also love the challenge presented by the fast pace of web development technology.

User Focused

I was a software user long before I was a programmer, and that experience has reinforced in me the importance of a superior user experience. This keeps me focused on how a user will react to a product at every step of the development process.

Plays Well With Others

"What is best for the user and enables the team to do their best work?" is my guiding principle in development. While my personal proficiency as a developer is important, I understand that working effectively as part of a team is just as (if not more!) important. My personal work history and open source development experience has made me a better listener and team player.

Other Fun Facts

When I am not programming, I enjoy black coffee, unfashionable heavy metal music, cult cinema, and buying books in spite of the unread books I already have at home. Causes that I care deeply about include literacy, learning, and art.