Project Diary: Marvel Puzzle Quest Champion Tracker

January 18th, 2019

Background: Marvel Puzzle Quest is a tile-matching mobile game (think Candy Crush or Bejeweled) with RPG elements. For those unfamiliar with the game, the basics are summarized on Wikipedia( For the purposes of this project, I'm focusing on three specific aspects of the game:

-The option to set certain characters as "bonus heroes", which increases the chances of pulling a cover for that character in in-game rewards.

-Champion levels for a character, which happen by over-levelling a character with additional character covers once they've reached the standard top level for their particular rarity.

-The rewards that championed characters recieve, specifically covers for higher-rarity characters that certain characters receive, a mechanic known as "feeding".

The Problem: There are a LOT of characters in the game, and it can be very tedious to figure out where the best application of bonus heroes can be, particularly in light of the fact that some characters are far more effective than others. There's too much information to reliably remember which particular characters feed others, which characters are closest to a cover as a reward, and whether or not a "fed" character is the optimum beneficiary for a bonus cover.

The Solution This application will allow users to log in, and populate a database of MPQ characters to reflect their in-game lineup. To keep the app as simple as possible, the available characters will consist only of the in-game characters that give or receive covers as champion level rewards. Once those changes are saved, the user will be able to see an interface that presents them with their roster, sorted within individual rarities, that highlights the characters closest to a cover reward of some sort.

The application logic will be focused on the next usable cover for a character as the idela reward, when all other considerations (like character level) are equal. For example, 4* character Winter Soldier gives out covers for 5* Infinity War Captain America, and in my personal instance of the app, Winter Soldier is at level 299, due to receive a purple Cap cover at level 300, and is the 4* character who's closest to a cover reward for me. Let's say that my 5* Captain America already has 5 covers in his purple power (5 is the maximum number of levels). In an instance like this, the application will look to the next closest character due for a cover reward, since the redundant Cap cover does nothing to make my lineup more powerful at that time.

Technology Used React is the obvious choice for a front-end framework, for it's strengths as a reusable component-based view layer, and my own proficiency in it. I've given some thought to the back-end, and for the time being, it's going to be as simple as I can keep it. I will start with a RESTful architecture, with a basic databse containing initial state information about characters being served via a JSON file hosted on Heroku, or a MongoDB db hosted as an mLab instance, something to that effect. If there are performance issues later on, which I doubt, I will refactor to use GraphQL instead.