Personal Website/Store

Personal Website

A writer and game developer needed a personal website with e-commerce functionality. I delivered a fast and responsive site using Gatsby.js! Design on this project was done to client specifications. You can see that site here.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector Application

A music recommendation app currently in progress using CSS Grid, React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. A working demo is not live yet, but source code is here.

Quote Machine

Quote Machine Application

Built as part of the freeCodeCamp Front-End Libraries Certification was built with HTML, CSS Flexbox, and jQuery. See both the live version of this project and the source code here.

This Site!

This portfolio and blog site was built from scratch in React, and converted to Gatsby.js. I used CSS Flexbox and the styled-components library for styling and layout.


Screenshot form Practical Dev

I write about my coding journey on The Practical Dev


Getting to Know GraphQL

GraphQL Slide

I presented this talk at Code For Boston in October 2019. It served as a high-level introduction to the GraphQL specification, and what solutions it offers to developers and teams.